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Ocean Rodeo Big Kite Pump


To enjoy a great kiteboarding session you want to ensure that your kites are given the right amount of air to fly. The new Ocean Rodeo 2.9 liter Big Pump gets a you quick and reliable setup with a build-in pressure gauge and multiple fitting that work any kite on the market.


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One of the most important accessories for your kite is naturally a good pump. Ocean Rodeo introduce a new BIG size pump, which is compatible with any kites in the industry. It is extremely powerful 2.9L chamber and high volume double action valve, so a quick setup is guaranteed. It features an anti sand seals and intake filter, convertible single action valve for double the PSI, a reliable pressure gauge and 3 attachment fittings. After all, who wants to spend precious minutes pumping air when you can be out enjoying this beautiful sport?


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