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Ocean Rodeo 1.5m Start Trainer Kite


Decided to try kiteboarding? You’re in for one exhilarating adventure! While there are many things to cover, every one certainly starts with a small trainer kite. Ocean Rodeo’s 1.5m Start Trainer kite is perfect for the task!


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All beginners welcome! To start learning about the active adventures of kiteboarding you’ll need to learn the basics of operating a kite, and we recommend using the Start Trainer Kite from Ocean Rodeo. The kite is a conservative 1.5m in length and does not require inflating, which makes it super simple for the beginner to attach the lines and get right into mastering the essential skills of kite handling. Complete with 58cm bar, carrying bag and just two 15m lines, practising your launch, in-flight, and landing techniques has never been more straightforward!




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