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Neoprene Beanie Cap


This neoprene beanie cap is essential to have in any water sport, especially as the weather gets chilly. The 1mm neoprene nylon blocks the wind, and offers a comfortable fit for your head.


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Kiteboarding can be addicting and it’s easy to get carried away without realizing your most important asset is not covered. On chilly, windy days keep your head warm with the Neoprene Beanie cap from Ocean Rodeo. A favorite amongst sailors, surfers and kiteboarders and many water sport lovers, this cap features a 1mm thick neoprene nylon material which locks in wind on chilly days, the unique four panel design provides a snug fit, and a back grommet allows for the cap to be secured to your dry suit, and avoid loss in the event of a fall. Many kiters using it under their helmets too!


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