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2017 Ocean Rodeo Storm Kite


Ocean Rodeo Storm 5m Kite

The Storm kite from Ocean Rodeo is built to withstand the toughest of riding conditions for the ace professional. With the tow-point tuned for best balance and stability to prevent overflight, and built with FST wingtips and 5 struts, the smooth power delivery provides a safe and enjoyable experience.


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Product Description

For the daring adventure types, riding in high winds can be a much desired challenge-but having the right equipment for such conditions is of great importance. Ocean Rodeo’s Storm kite is specially designed to prevent overflying in high gusts through its tow-point fine tuning to ensure stability and balance.

Built with Darcon reinforcements, FST wingtips and 5 struts enable the Storm to maintain smooth power delivery during unpredictable conditions and withstand high wind pressures. Differing from most kites in its design the Storm kite is built from the ground up to support even the toughest rider.



Bar & Lines

Kite Only, Infinite Surf Bar 48cm, Infinite Surf Bar 54cm, Above the Bar 52cm, Control Bar 52cm


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