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2017 Ocean Rodeo Prodigy Kite


The Prodigy lives up to its name, being the most popular and easy to control kite, designed for ultimate freeriding and/or wave kiting. With its solid 3-strut design it delivers smooth, effortless turns, lasting air hang, and ideal steering when handling de-power situations. The 2016 Prodigy is lighter than ever, now also features high flow inflate / deflate valves!


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When selecting a kite with ease of handling in mind, consider the Generation 4 Prodigy from Ocean Rodeo. Equipped with 3 strut design, this kite provides enough robust power and in-flight consistency to perform perfect smooth turns, and maintain some serious wind range, which is why it is preferred by many surf and freeride lovers.

The short length bridle design of the Prodigy ensures reduction of possible tangles, making steering a breeze. The Direct De-power functionality helps in the event of a fall by fully rolling the kite over, similarly the same feature assists with relaunch from a de-powered position.


5m, 7m, 8m, 9.5m, 12m

Bar & Lines

Kite Only, Control Bar 52cm


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