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2017 Ocean Rodeo Flite Kite


4th Generation Flite is the lightest kite that’s ever been made by Ocean Rodeo. This kite offers impressive performance in extremely low wind conditions. With its swift turns and nearly effortless air jumps, this is a must have kite for a light-wind day!


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Low wind forecast? No problem! The 5th Generation Ocean Rodeo Flite kite delivers the best performance on light wind days. This beauty surely packs a punch, regardless of the size you go for! The unique kite construction is 30% lighter than most kites on the market, allowing it to fly freely at only 6-7 knots! From the initial launch the Flite provides smooth power, maintains a wide wind range, simple re-launch and most importantly incredible, fleeting turns! There’s no doubt that adding the Flite to your arsenal will extend your fun- time on the water, regardless of those low wind days!


8m, 10m, 12m, 14.5m, 17m

Bar & Lines

Kite Only, Infinite Surf Bar 48cm, Control Bar 52cm


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